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COVID-19 Lifestyle Changes: What To Wear When You’re Working From Home

Written by Tess DiNapoli –
As our society grows accustomed to a post-COVID reality, there have been many lifestyle changes that we’ve come across along the way. Thousands of jobs have become remote, and large gatherings are still discouraged, so many people have started to embrace their at-home surroundings and make the most of our current situation. But just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to feel your most confident on that weekly Zoom call.

Maintaining a business-friendly style while working from home elevates your mood and encourages productivity and a steady workflow during the remote workday. Explore these cozy, yet chic, looks that are perfect when you’ve found yourself working from home.

Idea #1: Effortlessly Cute and Casual

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It’s certainly more difficult to summon up the desire to don form-fitting outfits and tight zippers these days. Accomplishing the appearance of comfortable elegance doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Seek out cozy outfits that still flatter your best assets. For example, consider flaunting an animal-print blouse or ruffled shirt paired with cozy leggings for a cute, casual workday look. Don’t worry about the stressful zippers or tight pants if everyone is focusing on your top half during the occasional work call.

Idea #2: Loose-Fitting Dresses

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Just because you won’t be heading into the office anytime soon doesn’t mean you can’t come up with an excuse to flaunt a business-casual dress from time to time. Opt for a flowy silhouette for a timeless, professional ensemble that’s perfect for any day of the week. Maxis and shirt dresses are the easiest way to look like you put in a ton of effort while saving time before signing into work every morning!

Idea #3: Cozy and Chic Sweaters

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Looking professional for a remote workday is a bit more difficult as the days get colder. Save the oversized sweatshirts for the weekend, and invest in a chunky sweater with trendy tassels, embroidery, or lace accents. A comfortable pair of leggings or jeans will complete the ensemble. Who says you can’t stay warm while looking like a boss?

Idea #4: Stylish but Comfortable Hairstyles

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Styling your hair every day to stay home is not always going to be the desired option, but throwing your hair up in a messy bun isn’t a great idea when you’re meeting with clients or upper management. Consider adding some extra flair to your ponytails with a stylish hairpiece or fun accessory. Adding unique accents to an up-do is a simple way to elevate your weekday hairstyle with a more professional tone.

Idea #5: Crisp and Professional Tops

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An easy way to make sure that you appear ready for anything the workday throws your way is by wearing cute tops, such as cozy v-necks and button-ups that pair well with any cardigan or sweater. This creates a versatile outfit that can easily flow into your nighttime plans. Simply add some tasteful pieces of jewelry to complete the put-together vibes.

Idea #6: Comfy Pants

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We are going through a hectic time in history, so occasionally opting for sweatpants, joggers, or leggings to save time in the mornings is completely expected. The fact of the matter is that, while working from home, your employer isn’t likely to care all that much about what you wear, as long as the work is getting done. Luckily, sweatpants and leggings don’t require much effort to pull off and easily pair with a nice top to keep your ensemble professional from your coworkers’ point-of-view. Moreover, they allow you to relax and leave a little more time to focus on your productivity and a good workflow.

Maintaining our typical routines is an easy way to help us process the world around us and stay productive at work at the same time. Embracing cozy and casual styles while adapting to your new remote work life is expected.

It’s often difficult to change our morning routines, but taking time to put a little effort into your appearance is a great way to make things at home feel a bit more normal and maintain healthy habits. Take advantage of the extra time on your hands and experiment with your look, and you’ll be on your way to elevating your mood and style in no time.

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