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10 Tips to be More Creative: What to do When You Can’t Think of Ideas

It’s a dilemma we all face at one time or another: you have an upcoming deadline, and your mind is drawing a complete blank.

It is a familiar phenomenon to any artist. If you find yourself facing this problem of not being able to be creative, there are several ways to break through your creative block. Get your creative juices flowing again! We have made a list with some creative tips to get you started.

Tip 1. Go To New Places

Our first tip to be more creative, and explore new ideas is to get out of your house and be in a new environment. Take a trip to your local art museum or the woods. Doing something different can rejuvenate the mind. To keep our brains fresh, we need to move out of our regular environments and into new ones. You’ll beat that creative block in no-time!

Tip 2. Do Something Non-Creative

Do a repetitive task, which will help to channel focus toward your creative work. Take a break from so much striving forward. Perhaps you are good at gardening, running, or cooking. It is important that these tasks are repetitive and familiar so you can immerse yourself in what you are doing, and daydream as a way to relax your mind.

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Tip 3. Disconnect To Overcome That Creative Block

You should treat yourself every now and then. Stop checking your email, social media, and texts every few hours. Instead, force yourself to unplug for a short time online. Unplugging from the world will help you to clear your head and be more creative.

Tip 4. It’s Allowed To Fail

Are you worried that your projects won’t be good enough? It’s time to stop fearing what might happen, and start believing in your ability. Do not block yourself. Taking risks helps you sharpen your skills, and who knows? Your next big idea might be a masterpiece.

Tip 5. Push Yourself To Be Creative

No matter how much you want to give up, keep pushing forward. You can’t force creativity, but you can show up and produce work. Every day is an opportunity to work on something new — sometimes the only thing that gets you over a creative slump is pressure. And remember, struggle is a necessary part of the creative process. It’s often what helps us learn new things and explore new ways of thinking.

We hope this article with tips helps you break through your creative block, and beat it once and for all. Follow us on Instagram, and sign up for our newsletter to stay updated.

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