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How To Create The Best Photography Portfolio Website

Social media has provided an excellent option for increasing your reach, but even more impressive are the benefits you get when you create the best photography portfolio website.

Creating a photography portfolio website is difficult. There are so many things to consider and more factors than just your photography — videos, statistics, and content marketing, as well as website design and look-n-feel. If you’re looking for a way to improve your photography website then you should definitely read this. This is the blueprint that will help you create the best photography portfolio website out there.

Pro’s of having a photography portfolio website

No matter what niche you’re in, you should always take the time to create your own personal brand, so people can recognize you as an expert. You can do this perfect with a website.

Showcase the best fashion photographs, magazine covers and other publications. Maybe you can even write a blog and share your knowledge. Besides that it makes your business look more professional. Anyone can post photo’s on social media. With a good website you have the opportunity to stand out.


Your photography website’s layout helps your viewers view photos in the best way possible – and your navigation is how users move around on your site overall. Make sure to use a non-distracting background like black or white. As a photographer you know what works best. There are many types of photo galleries to choose from. Think of sliders or photo grids.

Do some research on the internet and look at other photography portfolio photographers. This way you find out what you like most.

Don’t forget to check the page on your mobile. Most people use mobile devices to check websites nowadays. It’s a no-go if your website doesn’t work perfectly.

Write a good bio

Don’t be afraid to create a personal statement that shows your personality and story. This will help potential buyers get to know the person behind the camera. The ‘About me’ page is the perfect place for a good bio. Don’t underestimate the power of this page.

Now you’re wondering: how do I write a good bio for my photography website? Look at it as if it’s an elevator pitch. Firstly, you’ll introduce yourself. Talk about your specialization. Keep it simple and short, because that always works best. Don’t forget to add a photo of yourself. This way people know what they can expect, they will hit the contact button a lot sooner.

Contact page

Make sure potential clients can get in touch with you by providing them with your basic contact information. The footer of your website needs to contains your name, email address, and phone number. Adding a contact form will give visitors an opportunity to submit a message directly through your contact page. This wil increase the chance of them reaching out to you. They don’t need to copy or remember your email.

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Email marketing

Building a website allowed you to let visitors sign up for a newsletter. This way you can gather email addresses of potential clients. When you have a email list, you’ll have something with much value.

With the right timing and exclusive discounts you turn them into buyers within no-time! For example, offer a free print together with a photoshoot – or send out a model call. If you have any big news in the future, it’s the best method to reach everyones mailbox. You can even analyze how many people opened your last mail, and improve your next one.


A successful portfolio is the one that highlights only your best images. You need to be selective about what you show to prospective clients. Because it’s better to make your visitors curious for more, rather than going overboard with too many photos that don’t really matter.


As the web has taken off, it’s become easier for an artist to get discovered. This simply means that more people are able to find larger audiences for their work. However, it isn’t like you can just throw your art up on a website, and expect it will go viral. You need to put some work into your art.

Whether you’re a photographer, graphic designer or any kind of creative you should consider optimizing your website for search engines. It requires some patient, but it’s worth the wait.


Besides building, curating and promoting the website, its also important to track your analytics. This way you can easily discover how people experience your website. See data about how long they visit, which device they use, which country they are from, and more. Use these insights to your marketing advantage!


In short, we hope this article helped you to build a better photography portfolio website. You now know that it is important to stand out to attract your wanted clients. We’ve shown you why a photography portfolio is so necessary and how to come up with a solid strategy for yours. In an increasingly saturated digital world, it’s crucial that you take the time to curate your own portfolio, so go out there and start building an online presence. Good luck! Thanks for reading! Liked this? Please share it to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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