Interior stylist Marina Bargouti is born and raised in Siberia, now living in Florida, where she styles luxury homes. She also has become a great influence on social media. We at Assuré Magazine asked her some questions, hoping to hear a few of her incredible stories.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your career?
Thank you for the opportunity to share my story with you, I’m feeling so honored! I’m a simple girl, born and raised in Siberia, who moved to South Florida to learn the culture and English. I’ve discovered my passion for Interior Design & Home Styling just about 3 years ago, where we purchased our first home and had to remodel it. Just like that, while being on maternity leave with my newborn baby, I’ve started to learn how to design and decorate my dream home. Let me tell you – it’s more effective than getting any special degree! I’ve learned that I had a unique vision and an eye for designing spaces and started sharing my home on social media.

With the new followers daily on my Instagram account, I’ve also started gaining clients and requests to help design and decorate their homes. Social media is power. You’re like an open book – people see you and what you do, when they like you, they like your style, they like your home, they trust you and they want you to design their homes too.

My own home has become my {business} portfolio. If people like my design vision in my home, they also want me to apply it to theirs. I love what I do so much and I get very emotional and personal about it!

All my clients, when I meet them for a design consultation or walkthrough, say they can feel my energy and excitement when I look at their homes and talk about my design vision. I now provide virtual design consultations via FaceTime, where I get to share my suggestions and recommendations and virtually design a house in one hour. I also design spaces online and create visual E-Design concepts for all out of state clients. I’ve been blessed with my growing audience and community that we’ve built together on Instagram, I’m grateful I was able to establish my business out of it. I’m beyond happy I’ve discovered my love and passion for designs, followed & developed my style, practiced the skills, and also became an
Accredited Home Staging Professional. What makes it all even more special for me, is that I get to share all my journey with my Insta family and interior design lovers, like myself, who follow and support me daily, and who I have a pleasure to share my joy, success
& failures with, whether it’s my so-not-always-perfect home or glamorous events and magazine covers. I’ve been always real, natural, personal about it all, happy to share my journey, and inspire others.

What is a typical day like for you?
As a mom of two young children, it’s so important for me that I can run my business and be productive during the day, while still being available for all their after school activities. I design most of my clients’ homes online no matter which city and state they are living in. I’ve designed a nice and chic office for myself and set it up in my home, where I work most of the time and communicating with my clients via Face- Time and e-mails. I also go to local clients’ homes for an in-house consultation and provide interior styling & decorating services. In the afternoons I like to clear my schedule when I can to take my kids to their sports such as hockey practice, ice skating, gymnastics classes, watch them playing and be present. If I have time, I love to have some “me” time (workout, yoga, meditation, shopping, time with the bestie). Then dinner at home or out with the family, swimming in the pool together, evening walk after, and quality time with the kids. Then once they sleep, my day is just about to begin after 9 pm!

Describe yourself in three words.
Giving, passionate, strong.

Where do you find your inspiration, how do you keep up with the latest trends?
I describe my signature style as modern & glamorous. When I design and style spaces, I love combining & mixing different styles, my favorite combination would be modern + transitional + Hollywood Regency. I’m all about bringing contrasts to interiors, often with metallic, glass, and nature-inspired accents, as well as adding bold and timeless pieces with different textures.
Honestly, chasing trends has never been my top priority. I might use wisely chosen 1 or 2 trends, like a velvet texture, for instance, and use it in some accessories that can easily be switched in the future, or in larger-scale pieces that will never go out of style. When I first got into Interior Design & Home Styling I’ve learned, that most of the Americans tent to love classic and traditional style more than anything and I set my mind in a way that I’m going to have my small niche and I won’t be so much “on demand”, but I will just be “me” and I will do the style that comes naturally to me and not what the market is demanding. Although I still think I’m in a small niche with my unique style that I’ve developed, I can now argue with not being on demand. Because I’m always booked a few months ahead and it’s the best reward I could ever dream of. With that comes the inspiration – it’s all around us, I get inspired a lot by different cultures, fashion, architecture, and hospitality.

It seems like a glamorous career. Can you tell something more about a challenging project you’ve done recently?
It sure is! I’m not gonna hide it. The best and most exciting part about Interior Styling is that you can transform a space in a day or two with just some finishing touches, mirrors & wall decor, accessories, accent lighting, etc. Without any major changes or complete remodel! It’s true magic. I’ve seen homes with the most expensive furniture and custom made pieces, but it felt like the home was still missing a personality and looked empty. If Interior Design is so much more about the foundation, the structure, and functionality of a space, Interior Styling is all about the look, the feel, the atmosphere! That is for sure my favorite part of the styling process – transforming a space to a home that will feel cozy and warm and will look luxurious and stylish at the same time!





The first thing that catches your eye when you enter a room?
Speaking of it on a spiritual level – it’s the atmosphere that I notice first and pay attention to if it “catches” my eyes and warms my heart! There could be many statement pieces that can grab attention. But above all is the feel. Speaking of visual products – I always notice lighting first, rugs, window treatments – anything that adds that special “extra” to space.

Does your own home reflect your work? What does it say about you?
Totally, 100%. My home is like a continuation of me. This is where we spend most of our time at, where we start and end our day, and where our kids are growing. So I want to make sure I make it as functional, comfortable and cozy as possible! At the same time, I want it to be beautifully styled, warm, eye-pleasing, and for it to reflect my personality and lifestyle. It’s just like the way we get dressed – we express ourselves through it. Same with our homes, with the touches and accents, where every piece means something to you, helps you to set your mind in the right mood and reflect your personality.

Any advice for young professionals reading this interview?
I get asked daily on my social media platforms how to get started, how to make your way up, how to get noticed & recognized, make a career/income out of it, become successful, etc. I want you to always remember how special you’re and the world wants to see you! Keep climbing, keep rocking, keep falling, keep improving, keep chasing, keep knocking, be passionate about what you do, don’t ever let anyone discourage you, and believe in yourself! Nowadays we don’t even need to always have a master’s degree or special training to make a career in the field that you love. There is plenty of information out there, many online “how-to” videos, masterclasses and so much inspiration. My best advice is to find what you love to do the most, practice, improve the skills, and most importantly, be you. Follow your instincts, discover your talents, develop your signature style, be unique and you will be noticed and recognized.

What’s next for your brand?
I’ve been working so hard for the last year on designing and developing my product line that I couldn’t be more proud of. My dream is coming true, I’ll be launching my first exclusive signature collection – we’re now on the final stages of sampling & production. Every piece that I’ve designed is one of a kind and I’m beyond excited to present my entire collection to the market and to be a part of people’s homes.


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