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We are Assuré –

an independent magazine since 2017, with a focus on beauty and fashion editorial photography.

We love to develop magazines and to inspire many more. We love working together with creative teams and talking with artists about the things which drive them to the many appreciated results. We love the collaboration, the creative minds and the stories. We also value the small things, like the smell of fresh ink on paper. Seeing it all come together. We publish what we love. 

People say, hard work pays off, and we’re set to continue to grow as a recognized platform in the creative industry. It doesn’t matter whether you are an established photographer or still a student. We have published, interviewed, and collaborated with many talents already. And there are many other great things to come.

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International fashion and beauty magazine publishing photography stories since 2017.

We love making magazines, we love photography, we love creativity, we love the undiscovered.