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Always wanted to advertise in a fashion magazine? Currently, we have over 16K followers on Instagram, and we continue to grow fast. Advertising with us assures your brand or business will get noticed.

Our magazines are sold by creatives and photography lovers around the world, they all have a creative mind and passion is in everything they do. They are into fashion, beauty, art and lifestyle.

Only the best photographic stories are published, which makes Assuré a great resource for inspiration and a recognized platform by creatives in the industry. Our content is always visually stunning, and prints are in high quality

You can provide us a print-ready ad or we can design it for you. Show off your look books, collections and products. Get your brand published worldwide and increase awareness.

Besides traditional printed ads, we offer a multiplatform advertising solution for every brand ánd budget. Print, digital and on social media, we got you covered. We handpick the best strategy for your business.

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An independent magazine established in 2017, with a focus on beauty and fashion editorial photography.