Black and Yellow by Lisa Leung

Photographer Lisa Leung
Female Model  Natasha Turin @ Mode Models
Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist  Kendra McCourt

No Where by Photographer Abe Bermudez

Editorial Credits:
Photographer: Abe Bermudez
Stylist: Ovais Sheikh
Model: Annah Bach
Makeup Artist: Anait Lopez
Production Assistant: David Rose

Portraits by Photographer Tanya St

We’ve selected some captivating portrait and fashion photography by photographer Tantya St.
Based in Scotland, and available worldwide. Make sure to check out her work below.

Daria by Photographer Piotr Prokopowicz

Photographer: Piotr Prokopowicz
Model: Daria Henkie
Stylist: Monika Modrzejewska-wasiutow
Makeup Artist: Izabela Perkowska

All clothes are handmade by mowemowa

Lavender History by Photographer Olga Alekseeva

Photographer: Olga Alekseeva
Model: Lesya Martin
Makeup Artist: Euro_make

Ballet by Photographer Michał Massa Mąsior

Out now in Assuré Magazine #15 VOL.2 July 2020:  ‘BALLET’ by photographer Michał Massa Mąsior and team. Don’t forget to check them out on social.

Photographer Michał Massa Mąsior
Model/Ballerina Karina Smirnova @ Unique Agency Poland
Muah Monika Gierałt
Stylist Wero Wysoczyńska / Fashion Victim Industry
Photo Assistant Michał Ossowski
Videomakers Piotr Podaiadło and Grzegorz Gross

Marks by Photographer Bogdan Bousca

Discover the work of art by photographer Bogdan Bousca now at Assuré Magazine.
Make sure you don’t forget to check out his instagram here.

Assuré Magazine #15 VOL.1&2

Assuré Magazine issue #15 out now in 2 volumes.

Discover VOL. 1 with cover artist Anna Krivenkoff and team with their editorial ‘Blossom’. For VOL. 2 we have photographer 2b+photo and team as our cover artist with their editorial ‘In Darkness And In Light’.

VOL. 1
‘MWW AT REVOLVER’ by Photographer Roshan Whittaker
‘IN THE BEAUTY GLAZE’ by photographer Zuzana Valla
‘POPPIES’ by photographer lexandru Bordea
‘FASHION DESIGNER GERDA IRENE’  by photographer Danila Gerda
‘WHEN LIFE THROWS YOU LEMONS’ by photographer Obi Nzeribe
‘FADED INTO YOU’ by photographer Anthony Molina
‘EMILY’ by photographer Marina Ganina

VOL. 2
‘BALLET’ by Photographer Michał Massa Mąsior
‘FOLK FASHION’ by photographer Valiancephotography
‘IVORY’ by photographer Neha Pandey
‘ICED’ by photographer 2b+photo
‘CHANCE’ by photographer Yustina Valova
‘SUMMER ILLUSIONS’ by photographer Anastasia Ermolenko

Quarantined Pussycat by Photographer Ivan Tsupka

Quarantined pussycat. Locked down kitten. Caged at home. Similar days, sleepless nights, endless Instagram stories. Will my secret crush post something today? Wine, dreams, more wine, more dreams. Endless days, sleepless nights. Pussy on quarantine.

Editorial Credits
Photographer Ivan Tsupka
Stylist Elena Sydorenko
Model Alya Yegorova @ Catch models

Insulation by Photographer Anastasia Spirina

Team Credits:

Photographer: Anastasia Spirina
Stylist: Eleonora Chuprova
Makeup Artist: Julia Semenova
Model: Katerina Lukianenko
Model: Anna Gamova