Becoming successful in the modeling industry is quite a tough job. Only good looks aren’t enough to achieve a modeling career. We at Assuré Magazine have some essential tips ready for you. 

Select only the best
Limit the number of photographs in your portfolio because no one has time to look into hundreds of photos. Do make sure you have enough variation in wardrobe, poses, and facial expressions. Maybe you can even ask a professional photographer to take a look at it and give an opinion. After a photoshoot, try to select one or two images and only if they are better as your current work.

Practice makes perfect
Try to practice all kinds of poses and facial expressions. Every good model knows his or her emotions. Remember to save photos you love on the internet or in magazines. You can make these poses your own and even take them with you to a photoshoot.

Grow confidence
Try to own it, be able to express yourself, and don’t be shy. It can be intimidating at first, especially when it’s one of your first photoshoots or people are watching. But personality is key and they will remember you for it.

Be friendly and professional
Don’t ever act entitled, no matter how pretty you are. You are going to have a really hard time booking jobs if you do. Being friendly to the whole crew makes sure clients will remember you as someone they’d want to work with.

Do research and get an agent
Agencies are always scouting new talent. They can help you out with your portfolio so you get the right clients. But before you sign with any agency, do your research. Make sure it’s a legit one so you only work with the best.