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Magazine Submissions Guidelines

We love the unseen, the unpublished, and the new. Read our magazine submissions guidelines for models, designers, and photographers below. 

Are you a photographer or other member of a creative team,  looking to get published in magazines? A model looking for magazine submissions? Maybe you’re a blogger hoping to get more exposure, or maybe you simply love writing and need an outlet for your talent.

No matter who you are, Assuré Magazine is your go-to source of building brand awareness and recognition. We accept photo and written submissions on a daily basis from creative minds around the globe, enriching Assuré Magazine with an ever-growing list of talents every day.

We love sharing inspiring images, and we have a great audience to do it for. To make it easier for you, we set up some guidelines below. Start your photo magazine submission today. It’s important to read further because we don’t reply to submissions that don’t follow our magazine submission guidelines.

Why Submit To Our Magazine?

Your exposure can be improved by being published. A publication has a wider audience than your own blog or portfolio. To build your photographic skills and develop self-confidence, set goals—like submitting your work to a magazine. Then gradually increase your goal of submitting photos to more magazines.

Editorial Photography Magazine Submissions Guidelines 

First of all, it’s important to know that editorials need at least 4 images, and at least 3 different looks. The work of art you submit must be fashion, beauty, or art-related – not obscene or offensive

Secondly, we need team credits. And please double-check them. We publish your credit information as-is, so be sure it is correct. A draft version is coming your way a few days before the official release. Release date is found on Kavyar. Please check and confirm the draft in time. We don’t edit once a magazine is available for purchase.

Thirdly, it’s good to know we accept a limited number of images published in each issue. Understand that we may use only one or two of the images you submit. If an editorial looks too much like other editorials we already accepted, we may reject it. 

Lastly, add the shooting location! Oh, and we love behind-the-scenes, fashion films, illustrations, and fashion week content… so don’t hesitate to share it with us.

Because we receive a large number of media submissions daily, it may take several days for us to respond to you. Therefore, please be patient; we’ll get to yours soon. We are eager to see what you come up with!

Our Magazine Submissions Quality Control Policy

Want to know how we decide what to accept or not? Here are some of the things we take into consideration when reviewing your work. Take it to your advantage!

  • Does it fit the current issue’s aesthetic or season?
  • Image composition, light, color balance, technique, and overall quality
  • Editorial style, tell a story. No story = no editorial
  • Multiple looks need to be featured
  • Originality + creativity
  • Styling, model, posing, expression, hair, and make-up
  • Different image types  (full-length, close-up) 
  • We don’t like the over-editing of pictures. We do like retouching and photoshop, but only if done correctly.
  • Are you a brand looking for exposure? Please go to our advertising page or go for a paid submission through Kavyar. 

Ready to get published? 

Want some inspiration before you start? Take a look at our previous magazines – or read one of the articles we wrote about getting published in fashion and beauty magazines.

Submit Written Fashion, Beauty, Or Career Blogs

Do you love to write about fashion, beauty, or photography? We would love to hear from you. Guest writers write at least 300 words, and please add your portfolio or website link. Mail us your text for review.  Guest blogging earns you more exposure and a free backlink to your own blog.

In-House Photoshooting

If you’re a designer, brand, or have a product you want to promote, then we can help you create a professional editorial photoshoot. We have an in-house photoshoot team ready to produce the best possible content.

Just send us the items you would like to have photographed by the postal system. The end result will be published in the magazine and promoted by us on social media. Reach out to us for more information about rates.


We reserve the right to accept or reject any submission we receive. When accepted, we provide you tear-sheets of the print, but we can’t provide any free print copies, as we do print on demand. Work needs to be unpublished, but we make an exception when we think the work is really strong.

We don’t pay for submissions, and all photo-shoot expenses for submission in our magazine are covered by the team conducting the project.

If you are not a photographer, you’re not holding the rights to the images, so you need the permission of the photographer to get them published. We ask to let the photographer sign a digital release form, you’ll receive a link from us to sign.

Once a work of art is accepted to be published (online/print), it grants us permission to use your work in any of our publications, websites, videos, marketing pieces, advertisements, and any other mediums or formats used in the creation of Assuré Magazine.

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