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“Sem Título” sets the launching of the feminine luxury brand SIEGE and its first A/W 2017/2018 collection. The fashion film looks over a dichotomic but balanced attitude divided between elegance and rebellion.
The creative authenticity is one of the core values of SIEGE, thereby, the Fashion and Art’s relationship aims to find different creative processes as the fashion films productions unrolls. [This fashion film is a The Insomnia Project production]

SIEGE is a feminine luxury fashion brand that represents the connection between Art and Fashion in its creative process, aiming to send an artistic and individualistic message.
The pieces are exclusive and unique, creating proximity with the client and allowing the dialogue between brand and customer, as well as te possibility of customization.

Written and Directed
Margarida Pina Mendes
Inês Alessandra Gomes

Cinematography and Post-production
Rita Afonso
Pedro Ferreira
Semiótica Visual Productions

Inês Alessandra Gomes
Vera Mateus
Andreia Silva
Sónia Gouveia

Hair and Makeup
Miguel Velosa
Rita Capelo

Foggy Notion
Twin Transistors

Special Thanks To
IADE – Creative University
UBI – University Beira Interior
Agencia Fashion Studio
Cristina Mendes
Daniel Pina Mendes
Frederico Teopisto
José Neto
Mónica Coelho
Neuza Cabra
Vera Mateus