Tai by Studio9696 is a fashion brand focussed on reimagining heritage based fabrics by creating a line of unique, versatile and trendy garments that appeal to the mainstream fashionista. Read more about their first collection.  

The first collection is focused on bringing the magical appeal of the Kancheevaram silk to the global audience. Close to our hearts, heritage fabric that is at the core of every memorable occasion growing up. Given the larger scale, Tai also aims to play a leading role in creating ethical practices in the silk weaving sector where weavers are burdened by poor living conditions and are now abandoning their craft in search of alternate job opportunities.

Spurred by care and concern for the plight of heritage textile weavers in South India, who have been preserving their craft for centuries, ‘Tai’ highlights the role that empathy and a communal outlook can play in re-orienting the logic of business towards broader social uplift. The marketing of this venture also reflects a keen appreciation of the values of authenticity and humility: instead of hitting people over the head with sustainability and cultural preservation, the brand artfully weaves appreciation of cultural heritage into the context of modern living, taking aim at the need for versatility (and the customer’s desire to participate in their own styling) as a point of intervention to reduce the wastefulness of ‘fast fashion’. 

Tai by Studio9696 will create and foster a collaborative ecosystem that will prove that luxury and exclusivity can be sustainable and ethical.

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